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Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

Our cold Canadian climate unfortunately makes frozen pipes a reality. When water freezes within a pipe, it expands, and the real danger is that it will burst resulting in major damage & flooding. So it's crucial not to just wait it out, but instead call a plumber so that your pipes can be thawed properly and save you potentially thousands of dollars in costly repairs if your pipes were to burst.


Pipes underneath sinks are more likely than others to freeze. By simply opening the cabinet doors you'll allow warmer air to circulate in.

If you're going to be away on vacation during the winter, everyone wants to save some money on their heating bills by turning the heat down, but do not set your thermostat below 13 degrees Celsius.

Use an electric space heater, hair dryer or heat lamp around the frozen pipe. Never use an open flame

If you don't have any heat in your home the water in your pipes are much more likely to freeze, so turn off the main water valve and then let all of the water run out of your taps/faucets & showers.

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