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Your toilet can become clogged as a result of a gradual build up of material, too much toilet paper, or a specific object that is causing a blockage. Most clogged toilets can be fixed with a plunger, but more serious clogs can require the use of a snake or auger, and sometimes, major work is needed whereby a plumber would need to turn off the main water supply and take apart the toilet in order to fix it.


After you flush your toilet, if you continue to hear the toilet running you could be wasting dozens or even hundreds of gallons of water each day. Various faulty parts in the tank will typically cause the toilet to continue to run. Having a plumber identify the root cause of the problem and replace any old parts that have stopped working can prevent you from wasting water & help you save money.


We encourage our clients to switch to environmentally-friendly, water-saving toilets. When we replace your existing toilet with a new one we always make every effort to recycle used materials.

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